• Where Is My Home?

    songs inspired by the story of the Kindertransport

    This project features 8 new songs inspired by the story of the Kindertransport, trains and the concept of "Home"; written by Gloucestershire based songwriters at a one day songwriting workshop tutored by Boo Hewerdine.


    The project and the recordings have been produced by George Moorey for an artist commission by Gloucester Culture Trust's Festival Innovations Fund in partnership with 3 Choirs Festival 2019.

    who's in the photo? - left to right (you may need to scroll or enlarge your window to see everyone): Jonathan Evans, Simon Green, Charlotte Ayrton, Tim Beck Madeleine Harwood, Katie Thomas, Howard Williams, Helen Maynard-Watts, Alex Chapman, Boo Hewerdine, Sarah Snell-Pym, Delan Griffiths, George Moorey, Penny Clemenger, Deborah Ferneyhough-Sweet, Pat Roberts, Al Biernacki, Jarek Adams, Lee Holder, Andy Wright, Leo Sutton, Sue Trickey, Shane Young.

  • illustration by Ana Beck

  • Credits

    The Last Train

    written by Tim Beck, Jonathan Evans & Simon Green


    lead vocal & acoustic guitar: Tim Beck

    backing vocals: Tim Beck, Jonathan Evans, Simon Green

    acoustic guitar, piano and bass: George Moorey

    cello: Alice White

    The Pull

    written by Jarek Adams, Deborah Ferneyhough-Sweet, Madeleine Harwood, George Moorey & Russell Richards


    lead vocal: Madeleine Harwood

    instruments: George Moorey

    Brave Face

    written by Al Biernacki, Penny Clemenger, Pat Roberts & Leo Sutton


    lead vocals: Pat Roberts, Leo Sutton

    acoustic guitar & backing vocals: Al Biernacki

    violin & backing vocals: Penny Clemenger

    other instruments: George Moorey

    The Journey (Destination Unknown)

    written by Sue Trickey, Dan Vickers, Andy Wright


    lead vocal: Andy Wright

    acoustic guitars: Sue Trickey

    other instruments: George Moorey

    70 Miles

    written by Charlotte Ayrton, Helen Maynard-Watts & Shane Young


    vocals: Helen Maynard-Watts

    acoustic guitars: Charlotte Ayrton

    other instruments: George Moorey

    Little Boy Lost (part 1)

    written by Delan Griffiths, George Moorey, Sarah Snell-Pym & Howard Williams


    vocal: Sarah Snell-Pym

    instruments: George Moorey

    The Train Now Departing...

    written by Alex Chapman, Lee Holder & Katie Thomas


    lead vocal & guitar: Alex Chapman

    backing vocals: Katie Thomas & George Moorey

    drums: Shane Young

    piano: Matt Moorey

    bass: George Moorey

    Little Boy Lost (part 2)

    written by Delan Griffiths, George Moorey, Sarah Snell-Pym & Howard Williams


    lead vocal & guitar: Delan Griffiths

    backing vocals: Katie Thomas

    other instruments: George Moorey

  • Funders & Partners

    Thanks to Michelle Lee and Josie Bamford at Gloucester Culture Trust and Lucy Wilcox at Three Choirs Festival